My desire to deepen my knowledge in book design, exploring materials and finishes, led me to immerse myself in Frente Verso Encadernações, a Brazilian company specializing in fully customized graphic finishes since 1998. 
At first, I played the role of managing social media, promoting each service offered and celebrating the rich history of the business. Over time, I realized the need to strengthen the online presence, highlighting the true value of everything we shared. 
The website was designed in parts using Adobe XD and implemented on Wix, a platform already used by the company. These choices allowed for the creation of automated forms for budget requests and the amplification of traffic through marketing campaigns. 
To make the website even more appealing, I wrote many of the explanatory texts about their services and also collaborated with photographer Rafael Motta to create stunning images. 
After several social media campaigns in conjunction with the website, the conversion numbers showed great success, validating all the work we developed.

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